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Nestled in the heart of Detroit, an iconic industrial city, Detroit Electrical Industry Training Center’s Instrumentation Lab stands as a testament to the commitment of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) and the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) to further their members and the industry. This cutting-edge lab plays a pivotal role in shaping the skills and expertise of IBEW journeymen, contributing to the powerhouse that is the Powering America team.

At the core of the lab’s significance lies the understanding that instrumentation is not just equipment but a driving force behind the industries that shape Detroit. In a city where things are built and automation is paramount, hands-on training in instrumentation becomes a linchpin for success. The lab’s establishment signifies a profound investment not only in the industry but also in the contractors and customers who rely on highly skilled technicians.

A joint effort between NECA and IBEW, the lab’s construction has been made possible through the generous donations of electrical materials by NECA contractors. While IBEW members in Detroit of all classifications came together to build the sophisticated lab—a space where making mistakes is not a setback but a stepping stone to mastery.

Detroit EITC’s Instrumentation Lab stands out as a beacon of excellence. It seamlessly integrates hands-on experience with classroom curriculum, ensuring that instrumentation techs not only grasp theoretical knowledge (Part A) but also undergo valuable hands-on examinations (Part B). This dual approach prepares them for the dynamic challenges of the field, as echoed by the lab’s creator, IBEW Instructor Jennifer Smith.

Smith’s journey from feeling unprepared in the field due to the absence of certain instruments in her training to becoming an instructor speaks volumes. Recognizing the gap, she saw the need for the creation of the instrumentation lab that accurately mimics what a technician would encounter in the field. And now apprentices, journeymen, and certified technicians can utilize the lab in an effort to continue honing their skills.

It’s a story of resilience, collaboration, and a commitment to excellence—one instrument calibration at a time.