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The NECA/IBEW Powering America Team is behind some of the most impressive electrical installation projects in North America. 

Whether it’s the glow in some of our biggest cities or the power that runs through our hospitals and schools, the Powering America Team supplies energy to our communities from coast to coast.

The success of our work has always started with the success of our apprenticeship program and the training centers themselves.

Across 277 individual training centers, where we collectively invest more than $300m – it’s complicated to make sure it all runs smoothly. And in order to run a successful training program and facility, some would say it starts with the “C Group Program” at the Electrical Training Alliances National Training Institute, held annually in Ann Arbor, Michigan. 

The C Group is where JATC Committee Members, Local Union and Chapter Officers, and Training Directors come together to experience the most comprehensive meeting of apprenticeship and training matters ever offered, from legal and financial responsibilities to the evolution of our standard curriculum. 

Simply put, it’s training on how to run a successful JATC business, and while it’s the industry leaders that attend the C Group training at NTI, the information learned reaches far beyond the campus at the University of Michigan. 

The committee, staff, and apprentices all have a role to play in developing and maintaining an effective program to benefit the industry, and being able to transfer the knowledge learned through the C Group through entire Locals and Chapters continues the success of IBEW and NECA as a partnership.

It takes dedication to create a flourishing apprenticeship training program. But in the end, it is worth that effort, because our workforce’s success relies on the success of our training centers. 

When our apprentices and journeymen are given the resources they need, we are able to mold the most skilled workforce on the planet. And that skilled workforce is out there for our customers, bringing their projects to life on time and under budget. 

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