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The 116th installment of the Chicago Auto Show continues to captivate automotive enthusiasts and industry insiders alike, serving as a hub for the latest innovations in the automotive world, with a particular emphasis on electric vehicles (EVs). This event not only showcases cutting-edge developments but also provides consumers with a firsthand glimpse into the transformative changes taking place in the auto industry. 

The Chicago Auto Show serves as an educational platform, enlightening visitors about the infrastructure necessary to sustain EVs. The Powering Chicago team, consisting of the Chicago NECA chapter and IBEW Local 134, plays a pivotal role in guiding individuals through this initiative. They provide valuable insights into installing residential level 2 chargers, empowering consumers to make informed decisions when considering the adoption of EV technology.

Having established a longstanding partnership with The Chicago Auto Show since the early days of the Chicago Drives Electric Track, the Powering Chicago team has been an integral part of the event’s evolution. Now, in 2024, as the metaphorical track expands to feature nine brands of electric vehicles, the need for a robust electrical team becomes more apparent, and the Powering Chicago Team steps up to the challenge.

The new Powering Chicago trailer exhibit at the Chicago Auto Show is a testament to expertise and innovation within the electric industry. It showcases solar technology, EV charging mock-ups, and emphasizes safety in installations, providing a comprehensive view of the advancements driving the industry forward. This integrated approach at the Chicago Auto Show highlights the synergy between technological innovation, skilled labor, and the future of transportation. And it couldn’t be possible without the dedication, skill, and hard work of the Powering Chicago team.