When a major global corporation relies on the electricians and contractors of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers and the National Electrical Contractors Association, it’s a great testament to these organizations and their commitment to providing the very highest levels of quality when it comes to their work. Case in point – Intel, the world’s leading manufacturer of computer chips and components. While Intel is well-known for its exacting standards when it comes to training and production, the construction of buildings and electrical systems for everyday operations is a bit out Intel’s realm of expertise.

It’s why, when it came time to expand those operations, Intel turned to the top experts in the electrical construction field. Jill Eiland, director of corporate affairs at Intel’s Hillsboro location about thirty miles west of Portland, Oregon, commented that Intel maintains “…very high standards…we want to look for partners who are going to be able to deliver that same kind of exemplary work product.” The sheer level of complexity of the new facility demanded that the contractors and electricians who would be implementing its systems had that same commitment to producing a product that would exceed expectations.

These standards are outlined and specified in the IBEW-NECA Code of Excellence, which is the labor-management organization’s contract with clients that they receive the best possible services for their money as well as assurance that all safety standards will be met. Ms. Eiland has expressed her pleasure and satisfaction when she told Electric TV that her colleagues in the construction department “… are  consistently providing high marks to the IBEW folks.”

Specifically, the IBEW Code of Excellence states that member workers will “exercise safe and productive work practices, perform the highest quality and quantity of work [and] “utilize their skills and abilities to the maximum.” It is, as the document states, a program “…designed to bring out the best in our construction members” as well as assure clients and customers that they will receive the greatest value for their investment in labor.

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