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In a world where the electrical industry has long been dominated by men, a burning question emerges: How can we bring more women into this thriving trade? Despite women currently representing less than 10% of electrical workers in North America, these numbers are increasing. Strong female leadership is paving the way for a more diverse workforce to become the norm. Determined to shatter the barriers of gender stereotypes, National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) and the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) embark on a mission to pave the way for more women to join the industry through a week-long, hands-on training camp in San Diego known as Camp NAWIC.

For the past 15 years, Camp NAWIC (National Association of Women In Construction) has been an oasis of opportunity, offering a unique experience to high school-aged girls seeking to explore the world of construction. Through the week-long curriculum, the girls are introduced to a new trade each day, with Wednesday as a dedicated day for electrical training. This gives the next generation of female workers a hands-on, confident deep dive into a field that may have seemed distant and unattainable. 

While the camp’s primary focus is on hands-on work, the lessons learned and experiences gained go well beyond the tools. Camp NAWIC serves as a catalyst for empowerment, a space where confidence flourishes, and young women are introduced to the possibilities within an industry they had not traditionally been encouraged towards.

Through their participation and support of Camp NAWIC, the IBEW and NECA continue to be beacons of positive change in the electrical industry. Their involvement showcases their dedication to fostering diversity and inclusivity within the field. Their commitment not only amplifies the impact of the camp but also sets a powerful example for the entire industry, encouraging others to embrace diversity and create opportunities for aspiring women in a traditionally male-dominated field.