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As our country continues to grow and evolve, so do our neighborhoods, and our transportation systems. Thanks to NECA Contractor, Aldridge Electric, and IBEW Local 26 and Local 70, our Nation’s capital can now add the Frederick Douglass Memorial Bridge, a structure that is revitalizing the DC community, to the growing list of historical monuments that honor our past and showcase our shared heritage. 


The bridge has been in development since 2014, and it now stands tall – allowing vehicles, pedestrians, and cyclists to travel safely, while connecting the surrounding communities. However, the bridge is more than just a vessel for commuters, it is a symbol of hope as it has revitalized our capital’s infrastructure. With its sleek design, the Frederick Douglass Memorial Bridge is creating beauty and alleviating congestion to an area that had been described as underdeveloped. Now the surrounding neighborhoods are growing and thriving, which is exactly what the “Infrastructure Decade” had predicted.


NECA Contractor, Aldridge Electric, has been a part of this project from its conception 8 years ago, making this a passionate construction for all who have been involved. Needing the highest of skilled electrical workers, Aldridge called upon IBEW Local 26 and Local 70. The electrical work needed for this project went for miles, making trust paramount. Massive amounts of conduit were installed by the NECA-IBEW Powering America Team to ensure poles, aesthetic lighting systems, arches, and more, are all properly lit and functioning for 24 hours use. And with such a complex project and frequent high-winds in the area, worker safety was at the top of all existing lists – it’s part of the NECA-IBEW team culture. 


Incredible views, safe infrastructure, improved traffic flow, and more…that’s what the Frederick Douglass Memorial Bridge is bringing to the area. In Washington DC, the potential of a rebuilt nation is now a reality thanks to NECA and IBEW. And as the Infrastructure Decade moves forward, we’re excited to see The Powering America Team bring that rebuilding energy to other areas of our Country.