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The transformation of Macy’s Plaza, the tired shopping center/office/hotel nestled between Seventh, Eighth, Hope, and Flower streets, now to be known as The Bloc is more a rejuvenation than it is a renovation. With it’s newly minted, hip name, The Bloc is getting a $180 million facelift to bring tourism, shopping, and a little bit of glitz and glamour back to the heart of downtown LA.

One of the buildings included in the project that’s getting a nice chunk of that change to complete a “rejuvenation” of its own is the Sheraton. And at the center of that project? The NECA/IBEW team, of course. The goal of the new and improved Sheraton is to provide a hotel experience that can’t be beat. Creating that pinnacle hotel experience starts with electricity. Music. Internet. Beautiful, brightly-lit chandeliers and cozy corners with soft light. The NECA/IBEW team has been hard at work updating the wiring in every corner, from the basement to the penthouse.

With the help of the NECA/IBEW team, the Sheraton will surely shine as a bright spot on The Bloc.