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Water is vital when it comes to sustaining life, we all know this, so for an area like the desert southwest, having a source of water that you can depend on is very important. The Tempe Town Lake Dam is that source for many in Arizona, providing a cool oasis to escape from the desert heat. Back in 2010, the Tempe Town Lake Dam failed, but now, the NECA/IBEW team is in action restoring and making significant upgrades to the dam.

This job is considered one of the more technical electrical jobs, involving motors, electronic, and hydraulics that need to function properly in order to provide water! And who else to have on this technical job than the NECA/IBEW team?

With general contractor PCL Construction leading the charge, K & F Electric, IBEW Local 640, and Arizona Chapter NECA are building a new steel gate system that will prevent flooding as well as provide clean water, running 6,000 ft. of fiber optic cable to monitor and control the dam, and much more.

When finished, the Tempe Town Lake Dam will create a $1.4 billion economic impact, with businesses booming and tourist flocking to see the new and improved lake oasis in the middle of the desert.

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