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Florida is growing nearly twice as fast as many other southern states. So fast, in fact, that the demand for reliable space and capacity is an issue for certain counties’ infrastructure systems. To most of us this means roads, schools, office parks, and more. But long before any of that planning and zoning comes into effect – there first needs to be reliable power, at the source.

In big cities, no matter the state, electricity has always been a big issue; but in many rural towns (where most growth is likely to happen) the situation is getting tighter and more serious by the day. In and around Tampa Bay, in Pasco County – this rural crunch is happening right now…

Enter the NECA/IBEW Powering America Team, who all around North America have been building, maintaining, expanding and rebuilding critical infrastructure to meet the needs of a growing population.

The Duke Energy Wire Road Transmission Project extends from Wesley Chapel to Zephyrhills (about 17 miles as the crow flies) and consists of rebuilding five 69KV circuit lines, adding a 230K volt line, removing outdated structures, and installing a new conductor.

The NECA/IBEW team of Service Electric Co., and IBEW Local 222 are working hard to navigate the job changes and are focused on learning new skills, maintaining safe work environments, and improving the necessary foundation in Pasco County, Florida, its residents – present and future.