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When building owners and warehouse managers think about cost savings, they often think about things like labor costs, manufacturing costs, or even heat. One thing they might not think about is the overhead lights that illuminate their workspace.

Well, a new line of fluorescent lights, expertly installed by the NECA-IBEW team, is turning the notion of expensive energy on its head.

These lights are a no-brainer: they’ll save you up to 50 percent on your lighting costs for a longer period of time and keep your workforce more productive.

T5H0 lights belong to a family called ‘high output linear fluorescent lamps.’ In layman’s terms, these lights give you all of the light you need with a high ceiling and all of the energy savings of fluorescent bulbs.

Usually, warehouse settings are lit with metal halide lamps. These bulbs have been used for many years, and while they have proven their worth, have lots of problems and trade-offs. If you own or operate a building that uses them, you are all too familiar with the symptoms: they take forever to start, they heat up and can be dangerous if they explode during operation.

T5H0 lights, on the other hand, have almost none of the downside of metal halide lamps and much more upside.
T5H0s use an average of 231 watts of power for one fixture versus 450 for one metal halide fixture.

T5H0s offer 104 lumens per watt, while metal halides offers only 85 on the high end.

And T5H0 lights lose only 5-6 percent of their output over an average life span, compared with a 35 percent loss for metal halide.

Add in that these lights are able to produce a variety of color temperatures to meet your needs, and you have a light that is as versatile as it is efficient.

According to officials at Relight, who manufacture the lamps, all of this offers building owners energy cost savings of around 20 percent – an average of $30,000 yearly for a warehouse!

The NECA-IBEW team is well-versed with these lights. You can trust them to get your install done on time and professionally.