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The Cathedral of the Holy Cross has been a pillar of the community in Boston for over 150 years. With all its history, it is astounding to think that no major renovations had taken place until very recently.

With one eye on history and one eye on renovations, updating virtually everything from lighting to sound was no easy feat. Mike Norton, General Foreman, McDonald Electrical Corp, NECA Contractor, said “There was a lot of coordination that went into the lighting. It is one of the more unique lighting setups that you will see with the scene lighting, and everybody played a big part in making that happen.” 

Much like other historic buildings, churches were built before modern electrical systems. Not only does the breathtaking lighting stand out but the beautiful architecture is on full display as well.

Chris Gedrich, VP of Operations, Suffolk Construction, had this to say about the NECA/IBEW Powering America Team- “This is a remarkable building and when you are trying to incorporate new infrastructure into an old existing building and make it disappear you need some really good, quality, individuals. And McDonald, they have them.”

Needing to work around all the pieces of art and statues in the cathedral proved to be quite the challenge. They put a lot of faith in the NECA/IBEW Powering America Team and they delivered. The $26 million dollar project was completed just in time for Palm Sunday services this year. This cathedral is not just a spiritual home but also an integral part of the community. It is a beautiful space full of sacred art that belongs to everybody.