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In this edition of Electric TV, solar power is clean, sustainable, and renewable. But, despite the benefits, solar power represents even less than .5% of all power produced annually in the US.

For any measurable jump in production, there needs to be large scale solar projects to contribute. Copper Mountain Solar 3, located in the desert between Las Vegas and Southern California, is one of the largest newer solar facilities providing clean energy in the US, and has some pretty impressive statistics.

Across 1,400 acres are approximately 1.2 million solar modules that are capable of powering 80,000 homes. These solar modules offset 460,000 tons of pollution from entering the atmosphere. And the NECA/IBEW Team, construction’s finest labor-management partnership, made this green energy machine possible.

As you can imagine, conditions in the desert got rough – so to maintain morale and support the safety of the workers, the NECA/IBEW Team devised a plan to adhere to the IBEW Code of Excellence, keep the workers safe, and not only get the project done on time, but a whole 9 months ahead of schedule.

This project serves as evidence that large-scale solar is a reality and can be done by your local NECA/IBEW team.