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The state of Rhode Island has been pushing and passing renewable energy bills. They are embracing wind geothermal and solar by building the largest solar farm in Rhode Island, with NECA contractor Mass Electric managing and overseeing the work.

Gold Metal Solar Farm in Cranston, Rhode Island is 21.3 megawatts, has almost 54,000 panels, 130 inverters on it, 1.3 million feet of string wire, and covers 63 acres.

Ralph Palumbo, President, Southern Sky, said, “I think the biggest wow in this particular project is it will peruse 28 million kilowatt hours a year for a course of 30 years. It will approach close to a billion kilowatt hours over the life of a solar facility.”

Thanks to legislation, solar projects are popping up everywhere in Rhode Island.

Rep. Joseph Shekarchi, D-Rhode Island, House Majority Leader, “Because of the general assembly, we have passed legislation in the last five years that has recognized it and incentivized it for a lot of cities and towns of government agencies, hospitals, universities.”

Don’t let the quiet peacefulness of a solar farm fool you building them can be tough.

The foremen and apprentices on the job said they were faced with many obstacles. They had to prepare everyday for extremely hot or cold conditions, and since the sites are so big there were times they had to walk almost 10 miles a day.

Whether that project is 21 megawatts or five megawatts, it’s all about the team you build. Thank you to the NECA/IBEW Powering America Team for completing another win-win project – renewable energy and a job well done.