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IBEW Local 332’s headquarters in downtown San Jose was what some would call an energy ‘hog’… was being the operative word. Now, thanks to NECA’s ECAP program, along with Pacific Ridge Electric and a few other bright minds, the answer to its energy cost conundrum, is solar power with a twist.

Its headquarters, equipped with 600 new rooftop solar panels, is now generating more power than it consumes from the electrical grid and is selling back the surplus power it doesn’t need. It’s a process called ‘net zero energy’, but most are calling it just smart business.

If this solution sounds interesting, that’s because it is. NECA ECAP is taking the guesswork out, making it a reality for you. Not only is the solution guaranteed to perform, business owners will not have to invest their own money into any energy conservation project upfront.

And for anyone to get involved, it’s as easy as saying “let’s make it happen”.

The Powering America Team and ECAP, your path to an alternative energy future.