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The Block Island Wind Farm is the first offshore wind project in the history of the United States and is already turning heads – and turbines. Experts say that offshore wind has the potential to produce 7,200 terawatts of electricity each year – double the amount of all the electricity that we use today – because coastal winds blow stronger and more consistently than they do on land.

But, with other projects like it ever built in the US, it was a highly specialized project, which required a highly specialized team of electricians and project managers to ensure that the installation didn’t miss a beat.

Due to their superior training and dedication to safety, the NECA-IBEW Powering America Team of IBEW Local 99, EW Audet & Sons and McPhee Electric was selected for this high profile project and worked in concert with GE (manufacturer) and Deep Water Wind (developer) on this historical project.

After a 2-year construction cycle, the wind farm now produces enough electricity to power over 17,000 homes.

The future of energy efficient power is upon us and once again the Powering America Team was at the helm. The Powering America team consists of craftsmen and women who are members of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) and their signatory contractors—including those who are members of the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA). This team delivers quality products at fair prices and offers commitment and a high standard of craftsmanship. For additional information and to find a Powering America contractor for your project, visit our website, like our Facebook page, or subscribe to our Twitter feed.