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North Dakota is one of the most remote places in the United States, or should we say ‘was’ one of the most remote. Thanks to an abundance of natural resources, particularly oil, North Dakota is no longer as open as its range used to be, this is now being referred to as the North Dakota Oil Boom.

The Bakken Formation is the largest, richest and most abundant source of domestic oil and the NECA/IBEW team in North Dakota, already part of the oil drilling and extraction at the oil formation, has been called into action to help surrounding cities and towns rebuild due to the expanding population.

The Minot International Airport, originally built just 20 years ago, is one project under construction to handle the increase in flight and foot traffic in the region. NECA Contractor Main Electric Construction Inc., and their IBEW 714 craftsmen are building it.

The electrical demands of a modern airport are much different than they used to be. Tune in to find out exactly why on this edition of ElectricTV on YouTube.