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We know that “Net Zero” means that the energy produced equals the energy consumed. So what does “Net Zero Plus” mean? There is more energy produced than energy consumed. The Net Zero Plus Electrical Training Institute is a blend of traditional labs and smart home innovations. This training center gives Los Angeles County a unique opportunity to train electricians and technicians in energy solutions fit for the present and well as the future.

With a 144,000 sq. ft. of space, this facility is a living laboratory that is home to over 6,000 apprentices and electricians, the future of the electrical industry. And with a net zero plus facility this big that dedicated to training the future of electricians, who better to retrofit than the NECA/IBEW team?

Together, IBEW Local 11 and NECA Los Angeles made this facility the largest commercial retrofit, net zero building in the U.S. This included the installation of LED lighting, high efficiency heating and cooling, EV charge stations, and a energy use reduction of 50%.

Visit for more information and learn how the NECA/IBEW team made this net zero plus facility a reality in this edition of Electric TV.