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New York City. Chicago. Los Angeles. Each iconic city conjures up a distinct image in your mind when you hear its name – the skyline. A skyline defines a city. Our urban populations are rapidly growing; as of 2014 82% of the North American population lived in urban areas. When a city or an urban population grows, it can only grow in one direction. Up.

One of these rapidly growing cities is San Diego – but lucky for this beautiful coastal city, they have the Powering America Team on the job. IBEW Local 569 and Electrical Contractor HMT Electric are leading the charge on some of San Diego’s newest skyscrapers.

Specializing in cast-in-place (CIP) high-rises for apartments, condos, and hotels, HMT Electric and IBEW Local 569 have the ability to design and build from the ground up – saving both time and money for the client. But that isn’t the only area that the Powering America Team is setting itself apart from the competition in San Diego. By utilizing the CE/CW program and implementing blended rates they not only provide the most skilled, trained, and safe electricians, they are also able to do so on budget.

It isn’t every day that you get to leave your mark on an iconic skyline, but when you’re a part of the NECA/IBEW Powering America Team, redefining the San Diego skyline is all in a day’s work.