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For the American consumer, the push towards electric vehicles just became a lot easier, thanks to a new EV Battery Platform aimed at providing more reliability and flexibility in the marketplace. Electricity is the future of transportation, powered by new battery cells that are designed and manufactured by some of the brightest, most innovative people in the world at Ultium Cells. These revolutionary batteries are designed to fit in multiple ways, either vertically or horizontally, depending on what type of car they’ll power. With the power provided by the IBEW Local 573 and Mahoning Valley NECA Chapter team, Ultium Cells is able to do the work to potentially ensure 30+ new electric vehicles by 2025.

Ultium Cells is committed to using the most technologically advanced methods in the industry to produce the very best battery cells, now and for generations to come. Thanks to professionals from IBEW Local 573, under the management of NECA contractor Hunt/Lighthouse Electric, this is all done in a new space in Lordstown, Ohio. The new manufacturing space sits at more than 3 million square feet, equivalent to 32 football fields, and is home to miles of conduit, as well as tens of thousand tons of steel, all installed and maintained by IBEW Local 573 and the Mahoning Valley NECA Chapter. 

With nearly 70 air handler units, this center requires meticulous attention to cleanliness and humidity, all made possible by the electrical structures IBEW and NECA installs to keep things running smoothly, no matter what battery project may be happening. While attention to detail is no new venture for the NECA-IBEW team, this massive undertaking showcases just how detail-oriented these crewmembers are. Additionally, 55 unit substations were installed to distribute power. Normally projects require 5 or 6 substations. From these large expansions to the tiny details, electrically speaking the IBEW team is tasked with ensuring a safely tested and professionally delivered installation.

As technology continues to expand and evolve, so does construction. This project symbolizes that new wave of evolution – through both the innovation of batteries themselves, and the unique project delivery method called an IFOA, where the electrical contractor and the manpower are involved early on in the design and construction process. As a team, NECA and IBEW have been working with contractors around the globe for decades, and no matter what changes come their way, they continue to get the job done – professionally, on budget, safely, and efficiently. This is the future of Electricity… the future of transportation, powered by the NECA/IBEW Powering America team.