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For those looking to start a career in construction – there are usually two options to consider: unregulated, so-called ‘apprenticeship programs’ offered by non-union contractors or industry-recognized, self-funded, legitimate apprenticeship programs via collective bargaining.

And when it comes to electrical construction, what has proven to be the most-successful and most-effective is the world-class training The Powering America Team of NECA and the IBEW provide. Theirs is a model of a true hands-on experience, combined with lectures and theory to turn out the most skilled and knowledgeable craftsmen and women in the industry.

One of the newest brick-and-mortar examples of this commitment to training is a new facility in Salt Lake City, Utah.  

12 individual rooms broken down into classroom and lab space, nearly 28,000 total sqft., that took just shy of a year to build from start to finish, it’s impressive to say the least.

And when asked about the value of the new facility to the students indentured, Carl Brailsford, Training Director at the Utah Electrical Training Alliance says, “My greatest satisfaction comes from being able to see a new applicant come through our program and work through the curriculum, and at the end of the day feel that knowledge and that pride that comes with the title of Journeyman”.

The result is a value proposition that appeals to any savvy owner – jobs done on time, on budget, and right the first time.

To walk through this new facility and hear more about the value it provides, watch this newest ElectricTV feature video.