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Being probable and being possible are two very different things. It is not probable to see snow in the South, but it sure is possible! The same goes for the NECA/IBEW team working together on a residential project in Knoxville, Tennessee. Going for over 20 years without working on a residential project, the project wasn’t probable, but the NECA/IBEW team has shown that not only is it possible, but that they can go above and beyond.

The NECA/IBEW team, consisting of Canterbury Electric, IBEW Local 934, IBEW Local 760, and general contractor TDK Construction are building a community in Knoxville, Tennessee called Marble Alley Lofts. Not only was the NECA/IBEW team involved in the construction, but were able to work with the developer and the community as well.

The construction and wiring of Marble Alley Lofts was a Code of Excellence project. This means that labor and the contractor have a formal agreement to hold each other to the highest standard. This Code of Excellence project has been a great opportunity for the NECA/IBEW team to show their skills, craftsmanship, training, and prove to the community that NECA/IBEW can’t be beat.

See for yourself in this edition of Electric TV.