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Magid Glove & Safety, a manufacturer, distributor, and importer of personal protective equipment, came to NECA contractor Continental Electrical Construction Company in regards to how they could help them lower their energy and consumption bills. With the help of IBEW Local 176 and Continental Electrical, Magid Glove & Safety is working on a rooftop solution across it’s 700,000 square foot building.

Senator Dick Durbin said, “The new solar array is going to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by more than 2 million tons a year. In addition, it’s the equivalent of taking 400,000 cars off the highway in one year.”

Installing a solar array of this magnitude isn’t easy, even with solar being somewhat of a known commodity these days. It still must be done correctly, safely, and on schedule. Magid Glove & Safety understood this, and that’s why NECA and the IBEW were chosen for the job. When you hire the NECA/IBEW Powering America Team, they’ll get the job done faster and be safer, which makes it cheaper.

Harvey Cohen, President of Magid Glove & Safety, said, “One of the things we always think about when we get into a project is, ‘Will this be good for the company and our employees?’ Having the solar array reduces our cost and makes us more competitive. That’s one of the things that’s helped the company grow over the years.”

NECA/IBEW members agree not only is this a huge step in solar for the Midwest, but it’s also the future of energy.