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The Powering America Team of NECA and the IBEW is the trusted brand and the right choice across America for its expertise on large electrical construction projects like hospitals and high-rises, at NFL stadiums and on green energy sites.

But for every large-scale project that requires hundreds of skilled craftsmen and women – there are thousands more that happen in small-town U.S.A., around the corner in our neighborhoods.

In this edition of Electric TV, we travel to Parkersburg, West Virginia, where at one time its industrial and manufacturing prowess was undisputed. However, like many cities like it, Parkersburg is looking to bring back the jobs that were lost when our economy moved away from factories and into the digital age.

But for every closed door in the past, the Powering America Team is providing another way into the future for many local residents.

NECA-affiliated contractors, like Pro 1 Electric in Parkersburg, are seeing this opportunity first-hand by shifting to smaller commercial projects – high schools and concrete plants, residential homes and solar installations.

This shift is made possible in part thanks to an innovative program, where new workers are blended together with seasoned journeymen, lowering the total effective cost of hiring a crew of skilled craftsmen and women. And this blended rate all but guarantees new customers of receiving the productivity, safety, and quality that comes with a union-built project.

Not every project the Powering America Team works on is high profile. Most are right down the street, in our neighborhoods and those are what make the difference in providing electricians, of all skill levels and classifications, a new career and a brighter future for their cities and towns.

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