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Even in the city that never sleeps, the sun goes down each night just the same. And in some areas of New York City, streets become dimly lit and dangerous for citizens, elevating crime rates by association.

And for The New York City Housing Authority, or NYCHA, which is responsible for providing safe and affordable housing to nearly 500 thousand residents, this was unacceptable and had to be addressed across its network of housing facilities.

They turned to the Powering America, NECA-IBEW Team of Arcadia Electrical Company and IBEW Local 3 to get the work done and carry out a mission to light the path to safer neighborhoods all across the city.

The award-winning ElectricTV program highlights this project at Polo Grounds Towers, where the streetlights hadn’t been updated since the 1960s. The Powering America Team dug 11,000 ft. of trenches to run pipes and wire for 341 new streetlights. They also installed new panels, timers, and control panels in updated electrical rooms.

The goal of the streetlight safety initiative is just that, safety. In just one short year, results of this initiative have already begun to prove its worth; crime is down by 63% in the area. And in partnership with NYCHA, the Powering America team will be lighting the path to safer neighborhoods across New York City as the work continues…