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Gillette Stadium, home of the New England Patriots, has been a staple in the New England community for over a decade, and thanks to the skilled hands at IBEW Local 103 and NECA Contractor Murphy Electric, the stadium will be seeing some major improvements this year. With a goal of improving amenities and staying current with technological advancements, there was no better group to call on than the Powering America Team in Boston to take on this high-profile job. 

The “North End Zone Project” is the biggest investment the Kraft family has made since the stadium’s original construction; what will be the largest video board in the country, a new hospitality space, and an updated symbolic lighthouse will be installed to visualize and represent the culture of the coast. 

The final product is critical for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and all of New England, but it’s equally as important to shine a light on the quality of these craftsmen and women and the contractors in charge of its electrical installation – their attention to detail, technical aptitude, and willingness to take on challenging projects. This is the foundation of what makes the Boston NECA/IBEW Team so strong and successful.

Learn more about the Gillette Stadium Improvements in today’s ETV feature!

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