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Finding a career path can be a daunting prospect for students preparing to graduate from college. Despite job prospects improving in recent years, students can still use all the help they can get.

That’s exactly why the Powering America Team of NECA and the IBEW have created student chapters around the country. Their goal is simple, to provide both networking opportunities and a pipeline for students to careers in construction management. The focus of the Iowa State University student chapter is to not only exist within our industry but to exist at a family-sustaining wage.

For students in the Iowa State chapter success also means living up to expectations. For the past four years, the Cyclone Green Energy team has swept the competition, coming in first place in the nationwide Green Energy Challenge.  

The Green Energy Challenge presents students a real-world simulation of what they will do once they graduate. Teams identify a real-world building, analyze it, and propose a retrofit to maximize the buildings energy efficiency.  After years of domination, the Green Energy Challenge gives students extra motivation to work hard throughout the year to not break the winning streak.

The Iowa State Energy Cyclone team has managed to sustain their level of success thanks to the support they receive from the Iowa NECA Chapter. From funding the student’s annual trip to the NECA conference to site visits with contractors, NECA is paving for these students to transition from students to employees after graduation.

The future is bright for NECA contractors and the electrical industry in Iowa, thanks to the hard work and dedication of the students in the Iowa State NECA Student chapter.