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Intel, one of the world’s largest and highest-valued semiconductor chip manufacturers, is relied upon hundreds of millions of times every day.

Its products and services found in virtually every computer processor must work – and work without interruption.

You hit a few key strokes or finger taps on your phone and here you are, watching me!

To the same degree, they count on the NECA-IBEW team for its reliability and industry-leading construction services.

It’s probably not enough to say that the Intel Corporation is ahead of the ‘computer curve’. Probably not by a long shot.

In any given field, technology fabrication or otherwise, for expectations to meet reality, employee buy-in must be absolute.

Jill Eiland – Corporate Affairs Director, Intel Corporation
“We have very high standards at Intel. We have high safety training standards and corporate culture that is very exacting. If you establish a culture of excellence and accountability, I think that most people will step up to that because they know that that’s how their success is going to be measured.”

Excellence when it comes to construction, however, is one thing Intel doesn’t have. But it sure knows where to find it.

Jill Eiland – Corporate Affairs Director, Intel Corporation
“We want to look for partners who are going to be able to deliver that same kind of exemplary work product in a way that we can meet our production schedules, our construction schedules, and that we can count on our partners to be there when we need them to be there. We are building our most comprehensive site anywhere in the world here in Oregon. It is imperative to us that we partner with electricians who have committed themselves to the Code of Excellence.”

Many things set the NECA-IBEW team apart from its competition.

But the Code of Excellence – a relatively new recommitment to common-sense core values – accounts for more than just its own weight.

Each and every member on the construction crew is held to a higher standard. It’s actually a formal agreement between labor and the contractor, to work as one, each and every day.

Gary Young – Business Manager, IBEW Local 48
“The Code of Excellence is a tool that, not only does the customer feel like there’s very much a team effort in quality and efficiency, but it does help create a partnering situation between labor and management that seems to encourage more working together and success.”

Bryce McLaughlin – Journeyman Wireman, IBEW Local 48
“Taking the Code of Excellence to an owner provides the owner with a comfortable feeling that says. ‘I know I’m going to get my money’s worth when I pay these guys the money I do. If I pay them for eight hours, they’re going to give me eight hours.’”

Mark Weinbender – Vice President, Oregon Electric
“Our job is to provide, number one, a safe workplace for employees, and then a productive job is always keeping tools and material in front of the electricians. If they have that, then they’ll get the job done, there’s no doubt about it, with a high quality job, too.”

Jakob Juntunen – Journeyman Wireman, IBEW Local 48
“It allows us to put our best foot forward and show that our organization is behind these work practices. It’s there from the top down. It’s not just pockets of people that might be good or crews that might be good. It’s the institution, the IBEW.”

Mark Weinbender – Vice President, Oregon Electric
“Our electricians, number one, in Local 48 are top-notch, and the Code of Excellence gives a standard that not only the contractors expect but I think our customers do, too.”

Jill Eiland – Corporate Affairs Director, Intel Corporation
“I can tell you that when I talk to my construction colleagues at Intel, they are consistently providing high marks to the IBEW folks, especially those who walk and talk the Code of Excellence. I think the IBEW Code of Excellence sets your group apart from other contractors that might come calling and looking for work. I think it’s one of your unique selling features. It’s the IBEW partners that we can count on each and every day.”

It’s no wonder why, to a high-tech, industry-leading company like Intel, that the Code of Excellence is appealing. After all, it’s the same type of culture they subscribe to, and it’s what keeps them on top.

To learn more about the Code of Excellence and what it can do for you, we invite you to head on over to our sister site, and click on the Code of Excellence button.