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The Powering America NECA/IBEW Team has had the privilege to work on a large number of high profile projects like high-rise apartments, commercial skyscrapers, NFL stadiums, solar farms, and data centers. But the reality is that those high-profile projects are really only a fraction of the work that we do.

Each and every day, the men and women of the IBEW and NECA deliver power to Main Street, USA. In this edition of Electric TV, we travel to the neighborhood of Youngstown, Ohio where the Powering America NECA/IBEW Team is rebuilding and redefining the city after the decline of the steel industry decades ago.

”Joe” Dickey Electric, a Youngstown contractor through and through, does “just about everything” – from residential wiring to building substations – they are a multi-faceted electrical contractor because demand requires them to be.

The guarantee of skilled craftsmanship in conjunction with blended rates – where newer workers perform simpler tasks for a lower rate – are what set the Powering America NECA/IBEW Team apart when they are competing for this work. As “Joe” Dickey Electric knows, you have to be ahead of the game and different classifications combined with blended rates make the winning play.

This team of “Joe” Dickey Electric and IBEW local 64 in Youngstown are an example of everything the Powering America Team stands for – safety, skill, and delivering a quality finished product at a competitive price.