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Sponsored by IDEAL industries, the IDEAL National Championship was created to show the world the pride and passion that goes into making a champion. The competition, the Super Bowl of the craft, is a yearlong event ending in Orlando. Since electricians have supported IDEAL for 100 years, this was their way of giving back and recognizing tradespeople.

Throughout 2018, 40,000 total electricians and apprentices from across America have gone face-to-face in competitions for a chance to compete at the national championship. These elite electricians are at the top of their trade. Winning not only means winning a life changing cash prize, but it also means gaining a sense of pride in knowing they’re the best electricians in America.

Speed is one component of the competition, in addition to accuracy and safety. Those three elements are skills those who have been through the Electrical Training Alliance training program (NECA/IBEW sponsors apprenticeship) understand completely. It’s also something they use on the job every day and in competitions like this.

NECA/IBEW Foremen and competitor as well as the 2018 IDEAL National Champion, Greg Anliker said he wasn’t at the competition just because he’s fast; he also completes his work correctly. He’s proud of the quality of work he does whether he wins or loses.

Union members competing at the IDEAL National Championship prove they are consistent in quality of the work delivered and committed to excellence when building safe, secure, and efficient projects.