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The Hawaiian Islands are a mid-Pacific paradise where the sun shines, the wind blows, and the waves are plentiful. As the strong tourism economy grows bringing in millions of visitors to the islands each year, a reliable clean energy source is essential for vacationers and locals alike. Thanks to the Powering America Team at Suehiro Electric, a new wave of clean energy is being utilized to revolutionize power for the Islands. 

In an effort to improve the environment and use renewable energy sources, the Chief of Energy for Hawaii, Scott Glenn, went straight to the experts – The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers at Local 1186 and NECA Contractors at Suehiro Electric. The first step in improving the environment for islands of Hawaii involved focusing on electricity. Bringing Suehiro Electric into the picture was the best move to take, and with 30+ years of experience, Glenn knew the job would be done well. 

Suehiro Electric, a local company owned by the Suehiro brothers, acquired their current building in 2010, where the Microgrid planning began. The building is complete with a 13,000 square foot warehouse and office space, and is now equipped with smart technology, which will eventually be powered by the newly installed Microgrid and Battery Backup System. Complete with wrap-around lighting and wireless controls, the building is not only efficient, but a great example of what the Microgrid system could look like for potential clients. IBEW Local 1186 Business Manager, Damien Kim, speaks about the multitude of benefits a Microgrid can provide – like having battery powered generators and solar panels keep the lights on during potential blackouts.

“These guys are literally the hands transforming our grid”, Scott Glenn raves about the IBEW Local 1186 members and Suehiro Electric employees. With the trusted backing of IBEW and NECA, this Microgrid system is set up to revolutionize the energy of the Hawaiian Islands, and just like with every Powering America project, potential clients can be sure that they’re getting the best system, the best installation, and the best workers for the job.