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Bethlehem Steel, although empty and silent for many years, still stands tall in Bethlehem, PA as a symbol of American prosperity, ingenuity, and strength. What once was the second largest steel producer in America is reigniting the blast furnaces once again, inviting tourists from near and far to come and relish in the history still ringing through the industrial site. The NECA/IBEW team, West Side Hammer Electric and IBEW Local 375, worked together to light up the Hoover Mason Trestle.

The Hoover Mason Trestle is a 1650-foot elevated linear park positioned 50-feet above the old Bethlehem Steel rail line. The walkway will guide you on a tour of the industrial site that will be brilliantly lit up by over 400 LED lights, thanks to the NECA/IBEW team. This is a great chance to see American history in a new light.