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Welcome into this edition of Electric TV, a hub of electrical industry news, information and entertainment since 2006, providing a no-nonsense approach to what truly matters in the construction industry. Our videos showcase a job done right the first time, allowing our customers a platform to share their thoughts on the NECA-IBEW team and its commitment to excellence.

That is no different from what you’ll hear today, from a very high-profile customer, no less. Perhaps no other company has had such a profound effect on human interaction and the way we all communicate in the modern age than Facebook. It goes without saying that without the proper “back end” electrical connections, Facebook wouldn’t exist as we know it today. It just has to work.

In this quiet central Oregon valley, who would ever know that here, far from the noise of big-city USA, is, in fact, the busiest communication intersection in the world. Every single Facebook post, message, like and interaction in the entire world runs through this facility and just two other similar facilities.

The electrical professionals responsible for its installation were long-time NECA member Rosendin Electric and IBEW Local 280. They were bound together by the Code of Excellence, a formal agreement between labor and the contractor to work as one – a skilled unit to get it done.

Rick DeWitt, Chief Facilities Engineer, Facebook

“At the onset of the project, Facebook became aware of the Code of Excellence program as presented by the contractors and the union. When we would walk the job with the men and women of the IBEW, what we would see is cleanliness, safe work attitudes, promptness, and a high level of productivity. The team seemed to gain efficiency consistently and progress was always maintained.”

Whether it’s 10 electrical construction professionals on the job, or 100, the Code of Excellence is all about defining goals. Goals that not only take into account the big picture, but what it takes to get there. Things like the right amount of manpower on any given day, the proper tools necessary to do the job, and the spirit of total communication between journeymen and the construction manager.

Jacob Juntunen, IBEW Journeyman

“It’s all just common-sense stuff that we just might need to remind ourselves of once in a while. It provides a tool to remind the employer, as well, that we need the proper number of foreman, we need the proper number of drill motors, we need to have the ladders on the job to do the task that we’re expected to do. So really, it goes both ways and it just spells out the expectations for everyone.”

Bill Kisselburgh, IBEW Representative, Local 280

“I think it shows to the customer that we do care about the work and we want to be in this relationship for a long time, not just one job or a job-by-job basis. We want to show that we have something to offer them now, and in the future.”

Another positive effect of the Code is a strict adherence to schedules and time frames.

KC Beddow, Area Superintendent, Rosendin Electric

“We beat all of our production goals, and the project came in well under budget, and we never missed a milestone.”

Ross Carlson, IBEW Journeyman, IBEW Local 280

“The attitude on the job site was awesome. The camaraderie we had being on the Code of Excellence was unbelievable. The steward really made it a great place to work, and I think everyone felt like they were really working as part of a team, as part of the IBEW to do it.”

Attitude: Morale, by any other word, a better job, and a higher-quality finished product.

KC Beddow, Area Superintendent, Rosendin Electric

“The conduit work was fantastic. There were a lot of exposed feeders in the facility, and Facebook took pictures and brought them around to their other builds and said, ‘This is what we want.’”

Ross Carlson, IBEW Journeyman, IBEW Local 280

“I think from the mentality of the customer, what they walk around and see is union electricians working diligently all day, and it changes their mind from some pre-existing thoughts that they had about union labor. They can see how clean the job is, they can see the quality that’s involved in the product. They can see everybody getting along and working together for a common goal.”

Rick DeWitt, Chief Facilities Engineer, Facebook

“I think the Code of Excellence was good in that it allowed the men and women of the IBEW an opportunity to strive for excellence, and we saw that a lot in compliments that we received from visitors from around the globe. It really showcased the craftsmanship and the proficiency of the men and women of the IBEW.”

The Holy Grail for any employer and customer is a marriage between ability and attitude. This is the one-two punch delivered by the Code of Excellence at Facebook and other jobs of all sizes and shapes around the country. The end results are a true knockout.

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