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As our world has evolved, so have our vehicles. For their many benefits, the main aspect of the Electric Vehicle market, which held back widespread adoption, is range and finding a reliable station when it’s needed. 

The Powering America team has become the industry leaders in electric vehicle knowhow because they realize if they don’t provide training to electricians and contractors, someone else will; thus the Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Training Program was developed. The EVITP is an important first step in the evolution of the electric vehicle revolution. “It’s quite a load on the building to have a charging facility in your parking lot. If circuits are overloaded we might have a breaker trip” says Frank Jacobs, IBEW Local 1 Business Manager. That’s where the value of IBEW electricians come into play – being trained to handle these issues brings a specific type of peace of mind to not only the Electric Vehicle drivers, but the building owners as well. 

Why is this important? The necessity of solid Electrical Vehicle charging stations is more important than ever. With the EV industry continuing to grow and evolve, making sure EV drivers have access to not only efficient charging stations, but ones that work through and through is imperative for industry success. How can we make sure charging stations are able to work no matter what the situation? Training the best electricians in the world to install and maintain them.

As training becomes more advanced, and electrical contractors continue to grow their skills related to the Electrical Vehicle Revolution, seeing EV infrastructure become a reality is already within our grasp..and there’s no better team than NECA and IBEW to take on the challenge of keeping the power running for not just electrical vehicle users, but for the world.