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In Lansing, Michigan, the legacy of automotive innovation isn’t just a thing of the past—it’s a driving force propelling the city forward. Today ElectricTV explores the local area, from the historic Ariolds to the impressive Lansing Grand River plant, revealing a history deeply rooted in automotive evolution.

The journey takes an exciting turn with the partnership between industry giants LG and GM. This collaboration isn’t just about building a facility—it’s about revolutionizing vehicle electrification. Enter Ultium3, the culmination of Ultium 1 and 2, poised to produce cutting-edge, high-capacity battery cells that will power the next generation of electric vehicles. The scale of this endeavor is awe-inspiring; a $2.6 billion, 2.8 million-square-foot facility brought to life by the skilled hands of the NECA/IBEW Powering America Team. Through their craftsmanship, this project transcends mere infrastructure construction; it becomes the weaving of a sustainable future. The facility, in collaboration with Superior Electric, Great Lakes, creates over 1,700 high-tech jobs, infusing the community with a new wave of opportunities.

As we delve behind the scenes of this electrical project, you’ll see captivating glimpses of the project’s magnitude. From Jeffrey Smiley’s strategic insights on the partnership to Tyler Evans’ vivid descriptions of its sheer size and complexity, each member’s voice shows the value of this building. The dedication of the NECA/IBEW Team resonates strongly, as Aaron Pangborn underscores the importance of union members with the precise skill set required for this monumental undertaking.

This project continues to illuminate the long-standing connection between IBEW and NECA. It’s not just about pouring concrete or erecting steel; it’s about leaving a legacy for the future, a testament to the community’s resilience, expertise, and the driving force that is propelling Lansing into an era of sustainable automotive excellence.