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It doesn’t have to be St. Patrick’s Day for a brewery to “go green”. Devil’s Canyon Brewery, located in South San Francisco, energy-conscious and sustainability-minded, decided it was time to reduce their carbon footprint. And they didn’t have to look far to make their plans a reality – their location just so happened to be right next door to NECA contractor and energy solutions provider Intermountain Electric.

Devil’s Canyon’s energy bills were ‘enormous’, as the brewing process involves precise heating and cooling and of course, maintaining keg or pallet temperatures for optimal consumption for those who visit the taproom as well as for distribution.

Combined with the fact that one of Devil’s Canyon’s core principles is to be a steward of the environment, Intermountain Electric agreed to install a new solar canopy but pay for it themselves, with Devil’s Canyon Brewery buying the power it produces from Intermountain.

Now, thanks to the NECA/IBEW Powering America team, they’re able to offset more than 100 percent of their energy consumption, with zero out-of-pocket costs, simply by harnessing the energy provided by the sun.

Working with solar poses an inherent danger; when the sun is out, there is a potential for harm at all times. However, Intermountain Electric is more than up for the job and their team of IBEW craftsmen and women routinely met during construction to discuss the dangers of the job and make sure everyone stayed safe.

For IBEW members and NECA contractor Intermountain Electric, this solar project is a success story that’s told through every pint and can of beer made by Devil’s Canyon.