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Data Centers Built by NECA/IBEW Team
Things change a lot faster now than they did even 20 years ago. The amazing evolution of data, numbers and code is to the point that it forms the entire backbone of our interconnected world economy.

Fundamental to that process are data centers, just like this one. A place where millions of dollars of commerce and information are passing through in the blink of an eye. Vital to this effort is the wiring and electrical systems in these buildings – and vital to that process is that National Electrical Contractors Association and their partners in the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers.

We want to build your next data center project. And this video you are watching is here to tell you that when you rely on our team, you can be assured that you're getting your data center built and maintained not only with the highest quality electrical installation, but also on your time frame and in your budget.

Every single one of us – from the CEO to the high school student – is constantly connected to our digital world, exchanging information or executing transactions of countless varieties. That’s why it is impossible to overstate just how critical it is for every single one of us to stay connected.

John Ford, VP, Sabey Data Centers
“Any time you can’t get service within three or four seconds, you’re disappointed. We’re a must have it now society today. And all those mobile services, and services on your desktop, are being supported through a data center like this. And all those data centers rely on the electrical infrastructure the has been professionally designed and installed.”

Your data center will stay powered up and working when you build with the NECA-IBEW team. From wiring to installation, from power management to security systems, our team can handle every aspect of your data center.

Bob Wittey, Project manager, Bechtel Electric
“Usually a client that wants a data center has got a specific time table in mind, and it’s usually a very short time table.”

Gary Demmel, Senior VP, Commonwealth Electric
“Building a data center is very important because you need to make sure everything is tested and gone through critical testing periods where everything is terminated correctly, and ended up right, and everything checks out. Because once it’s energized, you want to make sure it stays energized.”

Just like you’re investing millions of dollars into your data center, we invest millions of dollars into providing customers with the most educated craftsmen and women in the industry. Our Joint Apprenticeship Training model is the model for the entire construction industry, and together we invest hundreds of millions of dollars to provide our customers with value and a sense of security in knowing that their jobs are held to the highest standard.

Mike Stanley, journeyman, local 46 IBEW
“Going through the NJATC, there’s a lot of training specifically geared toward data centers.”

David Wolf, General Foreman, Holmes Electric
“We’re able to pull from a wide variety of workforce and get people that have many different experiences.”

Doing data center electrical work is different than doing residential or commercial electrical. You know how much power your data center consumes – it’s pushing a lot more raw energy for one thing – so it’s not a job left to amateurs. Add in your safety and security considerations as well, and the choice becomes easier.

John Ford, VP, Sabey Data Centers
“We rely on our union labor that we have, the electricians that do the work. This is a very complex design, and as you can see it’s just a symphony of steel conduits. It’s a very, very complex arrangement.”

IBEW electricians are committed to their line of work. This isn’t just a job. It’s their career, and they take pride in their professionalism and quality of work. We ensure this through our Code of Excellence – our own internal NECA-IBEW promise to deliver nothing less than our best in productivity and craftsmanship to our customer.

Michael Sullivan, foreman, Commonwealth Electric
“They just want to know that the job is taken care of, and they can not have to worry about checking up on you. And when you tell them what’s going to be done, they can bank that it’s done.”

Anthony LoBianco, General Foreman, Local 3
“When we walk out of here, we want the client to be very happy they used an IBEW contractor.”

Michael J. Bosco, director of operations, Sabey Data Centers
“When an installation is done and complete, we’re not having to go back and redo it because there was a mistake or there was something that wasn’t done properly. I think that’s one of the benefits that we get from the trained man power from the IBEW. I wouldn’t want to build a data center like this without that partnership.”

Gary Demmel, Senior VP, Commonwealth Electric
“The difficult jobs are the jobs that we do best.”

John Sabey, President, Sabey Data Centers
“The relationship that we have with the union electrical shops dates back a very long time. The goal is that if you have someone who is experienced and knows what they’re doing, you should be able to do that task maybe slightly faster than otherwise, which time equates to money. There’s a lot of man hours that go into it, there’s a lot of complexity, and it ends up being a pretty beautiful job at the end of the day when you take a step back and look at it.”

When push comes to shove, your data center has to work for you. It has to have zero downtime, handle a tremendous amount of data and function as you designed it. You want someone who ‘just gets it’ to help you build this data center. We understand – this is what we do every day.

NECA and the IBEW are the best contractors and electricians to build your data center because we are the most qualified, the highest skilled, and the most dedicated to helping you make money.

Let us build it!

Thanks for your time.