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Each year, the NECA/IBEW Powering America Team comes together to attend the Electrical Training Alliances National Training Institute, an annual event held this year in Ann Arbor, Michigan. This week-long event is designed to improve all areas of the electrical industry; its instructors, officers, training partners, and representatives. The week includes a revolutionary leadership course – NTI Volt Academy – an experiential and demanding leadership development program focused on conflict avoidance, keeping members on the job, and teaching leaders how to work cooperatively with each other. 


This program is led by Richard Barnes, President of C Richard Barnes & Associates, a union member and coach with over 30-years of federal mediation experience. He brings together the highest potential and emerging leaders of the electrical industry and instills conflict resolution, management, relationship building, and communication skills into each of its attendees. The goal is for members to better understand how to connect with their own ranks, as well as how to effectively reach across the aisle to their industry partners. From learning how to manage personalities to reacting in a positive way, the NTI Volt Academy program is a strong, life-changing training program for the leaders of today and tomorrow.


At the end of the day, the leaders who are a part of the Powering America Team all work for a common goal – to provide customers with quality, craftsmanship, and a safe jobsite; but in order to be the best it starts at the top… it starts with leadership training. For the leaders in this year’s cohort, the benefits of this course are immediate and necessary. With the ability to implement these skills rapidly, attendees are already seeing results within themselves, within their teams, and beyond. Learn more about the NTI Volt Academy Program in today’s Electric TV feature – watch now on ETV!