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A picture in the stands posted to Instagram. “Checking in” to the stadium on Facebook. Tweeting about your home teams latest goal. In our modern world, we expect to be connected at all times through our various mobile devices. This means that going to a sporting event isn’t just about the game anymore. The wifi connection provided at a stadium can make or break your experience and no one understands that better than the contractors behind Avaya Stadium – home of the San Jose Earthquakes.

The Powering America Team of Sprig Electric and IBEW Local 332 were on the job site long before there was even a stadium structure to work on in order to lay the groundwork for what was to come – a cloud enabled stadium.

When this innovative, smart powered project got off the ground the Powering America Team was the obvious choice when it came to all things electrical. They knew that they needed the most educated and well-trained electricians in the game.

The Powering America team consists of craftsmen who are members of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) and their signatory contractors—including those who are members of the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA). This team delivers quality products at fair prices and offers commitment and a high standard of craftsmanship. For additional information and to find a Powering America contractor for your project, visit our website, like our Facebook page, or subscribe to our Twitter feed.