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The ever-changing infrastructure of our cities and towns is at the tip of everyone’s tongue, but what isn’t being talked about is arguably the most important component of our infrastructure – the electrical grid. While many believe this issue is too big to tackle, the Powering America NECA/IBEW Team knows that it is too big to ignore.

The Auburn Transmission Project, although less than 15 miles in length, was uniquely demanding. Not only does the Auburn Transmission Project service two major utilities, it crosses through challenging terrain with strict environmental regulations required by the state of New York. The Powering America NECA/IBEW Team of O’Connell Electric and IBEW Local 1249, along with Kenny Construction Company and Ironwood Heavy Highway, were up for any challenge that came their way.

At the height of the project, there were about 110 linemen from IBEW Local 1249 on the job. Each and every day these men and women supply the proper equipment and skill to get the job done on time and under budget. That is the promise of the Powering America NECA/IBEW Team.