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The NECA/IBEW Powering America team looks to train and recruit a diverse workforce, and they’re committed to working together to build the best cities and towns. Apprentices play a critical role in that effort, as they’re asked and expected to be a productive member of the crew.

Lonnie Stephenson, International President, IBEW, “The apprentices of today, the way they learn is much different than when I went through my apprenticeship program. They are the future of our industry.”

Classroom instruction and on-the-job experience are critically important to an apprentice’s education, but so too is the chance to network with top executives and the electrical industry’s major manufacturers and distributors.

That setting happens once a year, every year, at the NECA Convention and Show, and is a can’t miss opportunity for hundreds of local area apprentices.  It is the number one event for power, light, controls, energy, information, and communications technology. Apprentices, along with thousands of others, are able to build connections with their peers and walk the NECA show floor to learn about the latest and greatest technology in the industry, not to mention also ask questions of leadership on both sides of the construction coin (management and labor).

Apprentices however, have the unique opportunity to hear from NECA CEO David Long and IBEW International President Lonnie Stephenson, on a number of topics including leadership, hard work, perseverance and why being in the organized electrical industry can be a fantastic career choice. Tools and technologies continue to change and evolve, but the NECA/IBEW apprenticeship model continues to set the standard in the industry and attract thousands of new men and women each year.

David Long, CEO, National Electrical Contractors Association, “NECA and the IBEW have a mutual respect for each other, and share a common goal of wanting growth and sustainability. If we can give that sense of accomplishment to every individual that they’re going to continue to grow in their career, it’s a home run.”

Joining the NECA/IBEW workforce is an evolution of a career. It’s a journey, not a destination. All the work, motivation, encouragement, time, effort, and funding are creating tomorrow’s workforce, and it’s looking pretty good.