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Kansas City, the Heartland of America, is best known for its rich culture of local art from Kansas City artists and sultry jazz spilling out of its numerous jazz clubs, both of which contribute to the approximate 24 million tourists that visit the city each year. Surely, the hidden gem that is KC is best experienced by walking around and getting advice from locals, but the goal of improving the first (and last) impression has been on local officials’ minds for years. Enter the Power Professionals of Kansas City NECA and the IBEW Local 124.

The old Kansas City airport was built for a time that had already long passed… with many inefficiencies due to the ‘horseshoe’ architecture. The primary focus of the new design includes creating an ease of connections for travelers, updating security and safety protocols, and showcasing artists with ties to the city (75% of them being local and women/minorities). The members of IBEW Local 124 and three Kansas City-area NECA Contractors have been hard at work making sure the new terminal is upgraded with top-tier amenities and equipment; from working underground to installing heat and lighting to the highest points of the terminal, low voltage, high voltage, wifi and more. 

More than that, the NECA/IBEW Team was able to secure a progressive “Harmony Agreement” – an initiative set up by Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lewis, which mandates that all electrical workers on the site will be represented by IBEW Local 124, working for Kansas City NECA-affiliated contractors while also maintaining a certain percentage come from local communities of diverse and minority backgrounds. 

All in all, this massive project is the largest project ever approved by the city from a financial standpoint and has been in the works for 3 and a half years. Additionally, within the airport itself, is the largest publicly-funded art project in Kansas City history. So, as both frequent flyers and those going on Vacation walk through the terminal, you may not see each piece of conduit and wire, but you’ll be able to feel, experience, and immerse yourself in this travelers ‘exhibit’ as they go… or return to ‘The Heartland of America’.

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