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In Northeast Ohio, Football is huge, whether it’s highschool teams, college football, and the NFL Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio is no exception. This internationally recognized institution brings guests from every state in the country and several foreign nations who want to experience American Football in an entertaining and unique way. First constructed in 1963, several renovations of the NFL Hall of Fame have allowed this museum to grow not only in size, but in stature. Today it is a pilgrimage for football lovers across the world; But, after the tour is done, the question has always been “so where do we go from here?” 

The newest IBEW project, Centennial Plaza, is the answer. Located in the heart of the Arts District in Canton, Ohio, this 12.3 million dollar construction project will include a large LED screen, stage, pavilion, children’s area, cafe, and more. This will make Centennial Plaza responsible for programming for all games and concerts once the project is complete. 

After many discussions between several community leaders, there was one question that needed to be answered; “how can we create a link between the NFL Hall of Fame and Downtown Canton?” Centennial Plaza became the long-term project that will help create that link. 

The goal is to bring the NFL Hall of Fame go-ers to travel downtown and continue the experience in a fresh, new, pro football environment. With an elaborate sound system, theatrical lighting and a complex electrical design created by the IBEW Electricians, Centennial Plaza will bring football, and more, to life in the downtown area. 

The Electricians with the IBEW are working hard to create a beautiful space in Ohio for football lovers to continue the NFL Hall of Fame experience beyond the museum in Canton. And this is only the beginning. The Centennial Plaza space will continue to grow and expand, bringing new restaurants, entertainment experiences, and hotels to the downtown area.