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This year held some of the most challenging times, but as construction continued as an essential business, by and large, The Powering America team of NECA/IBEW forged ahead working diligently on a plethora of electrical projects around the States. As 2020 comes to a close, now is the perfect time to look back on some of their biggest projects. 

NECA and the IBEW began their year providing support to Yankee Air Museum and joined the construction efforts for Allegiant Stadium. These two efforts help keep history alive, while generating new history in the National Football League. NECA contractors were also introduced to new solar industry opportunities in early 2020, showing how the Powering America team is working smarter, adapting to change, going forward, being the best workforce possible.

In springtime, NECA and IBEW did their part to help out in Denver, Colorado by working on the Denver Health Hospital Expansion, with the DSM 09/10 Data Center Project in Iowa and by June the Powering America team celebrated a big win – working with Owner Ameren Transmission on Mark Twain Transmission Line Construction in Northeast Missouri.

As the focus shifted to football in the fall, fans were able to experience Centennial Plaza, a 12.3 million dollar construction project, for the City of Canton, Ohio and the Hall of Fame showcasing the strengths of IBEW members, and the contractors who employ them.

And finally we wrap up the year with a unique partnership with Brother Bryan’s Mission – an organization that aids men in the area who need assistance getting back on their feet due to addiction.

Thank you to our incredible Brothers and Sisters working for the IBEW, the NECA/Powering America Team, and YOU, the viewers, for supporting Electric TV through 2020. Be sure you are subscribed to our ETV YouTube channel, and our Newsletter on to follow along with us in 2021.