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In 2002 the world came together in Salt Lake City, Utah to experience the Winter Olympics Games. Athletes who competed in Bobsled, Luge, Skelton, and Ski Jump fought for gold and for national pride at the Utah Olympic Park nestled in the mountains of Park City. Today this venue is open year round for competition and training, and is electrically maintained by the NECA/IBEW Powering America Team.

The Utah Olympic Park is a 400 acre site that focuses on growing winter sport participation and is an Official United States Olympic Training Site. The venue operates one of only four sliding tracks in North America. When the track’s ammonia pumps went down, rendering the track inoperable, the Utah Olympic Legacy Committee called on NECA contractor, Skyline Electric, and IBEW Local 354 to install transformers for the new pumps. These ammonia pumps allow the sliding track to create ice, ensuring competitors are riding on the safest, and the fastest track possible. 

It was the success of this crucial service job that has led to continuous work for the Skyline Electric Service Team at the Utah Olympic Park. The team at Skyline Electric is proud of their customer service reputation and their efforts in making sure customers have the ultimate experience. “Service work is the lifeblood of our contractors. In between the big projects, our focus is to help our customers from the construction phase, all the way through sustaining and working with them to keep their buildings functioning long term,” said Klaas DeBoer Jr, Executive Director of NECA Intermountain Chapter. Likewise, IBEW Local 354 places a large focus on producing a well balanced workforce. They recognize how important it is to the success of the Local that they train their electricians to both succeed on large construction projects and service work alike. 

“IBEW gives us the best electricians possible” says Tanner Venema, Service Department Manager at Skyline Electric. As an IBEW member himself, he knows the training and schooling IBEW members go through to be successful. And as each half of this Powering America Team grows, so does the other. It’s a perfect partnership that encourages the best electrical service in the world, provided by the best electricians in the world.