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Picture a world in which you can sit down on a bench in a lobby or a restaurant or a coffee shop, and connect to the internet wirelessly, through a beam of light, all while paying an eye to energy management and security.

This isn’t Star Trek, and this isn’t something that is going to be realized 100 years from now. It’s here today.

We’re about to make history here on Electric TV because what you’re about to see in these next half dozen minutes or so, no one has ever seen on film. Visible light communication is here. There are companies around the globe racing to bring it to the market. But LVX System has already come down the home stretch, and they are crossing the finish line.

This is their technology – an LED replacement for traditional fluorescent lights. Once they are installed in your building, it will exponentially increase internet connection speed, dramatically enhance security, and if that’s not enough, pay for itself with the energy savings.

John C. Pederson, CEO & Chairman of the Board, LVX System
“We came up with the idea of transmitting data using light-emitting diodes, so one diode can act like a high-speed transmitter, almost like fiber optics without the fiber.”

Paul Weitzel, President, LVX System
“It represents a fundamental change, ultimately, that will impact literally everyone’s lives in a very meaningful way.”

John C. Pederson, CEO & Chairman of the Board, LVX System
“If you’re in a university lecture hall, you could slip that in, and have a high speed internet connection extremely fast. You could download movies in just a few seconds, things like this.”

Doug Olsen, President, Premier Electrical Corporation
“I experienced it down in Rochester, MN with one of our customers when it was presented, and when I got back to my office, people said, ‘Did it really work?’ And I said ‘Yes it did.’ It really did work.”

John C. Pederson, CEO & Chairman of the Board, LVX System
“We’re using these lights because they have such fantastic bandwidths. We can place cameras similar to that on your cell phone. We can put audio devices so that a person can be paged in the building where they are. A high school, for instance, if there were a fire, you could walk out, literally, and see that the lights are red in one direction and green in the other and you’re instructed to follow the green lights, which will lead you out of the building in a fire.”

Dennis Kalthoff, IBEW Local 292 Member
“This isn’t just a product that’s too good to be true. This is going to be reality, and it’s going to be huge for our industry.”

John C. Pederson, CEO & Chairman of the Board, LVX System
“We can bring the integrity of a financial transaction to a near absolute. The security within the light communication can be near absolute. Some applications can be absolute.”

Here we are going to take out a traditional fluorescent light fixture and replace it with a visible light communication light fixture. This fixture uses LED lighting. We have the light fixture connected to the local area network and now we will have this computer communicate with the light fixture in the ceiling.

Mike Muggli, President, LVX Lab
“We’re now browsing the web through a visible light connection.”

John C. Pederson, CEO & Chairman of the Board, LVX System
“It’s an amazing opportunity for the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers because if you imagine refitting the billions of lights in this country, it is a fantastic undertaking. You would create a fantastic number of jobs.”

Tom Leonard, Retired IBEW Local 343 Member
“I think that probably it would create about a million and a half jobs nationwide when this gets going. And it’s a heartbeat away from it right now.”

John C. Pederson, CEO & Chairman of the Board, LVX System
“They have training facilities. We’re going to need that. They have huge membership. We’re going to need that. They have the NECA members, which can help us to organize. The union and that choice enables our business model.”

Tom Olson, Business Manager, Local 292
“We’re very excited to partner with LVX. This is an idea that that we started to hear rumors of quite some time ago out of our St. Cloud office. Our training facility that we’re in today is ramping up to be able to provide the kind of training and manpower that could be needed as these things go forward.”

This is essentially calling through the internet to my phone. Since this particular fixture operates with a direct line of sight communication, it’s just the same quality that you’re going to get with any other voice communication. This is just voice over IP, it’s going through the internet and the only difference is we are doing it through visible light.

Standing under here, the light seems bright, it’s not any different from any other light, in fact, it looks better than fluorescent lights.

Mike Muggli, President, LVX Lab
“It’s pretty bright, but this one is operating at 30 percent right now. I had the engineers kick this one up to 70 percent for me and you couldn’t look at it. It was pretty bright. We can even make the light fixtures communicate when they are not illuminating. We basically just turn the duty cycle down to the point where the light pulses are spread out enough so that your eye can’t detect them It can still communicate, but not illuminate.”

Doug Olsen, President, Premier Electrical Corporation
“We always say if it’s new and it’s ugly and it’s difficult, it’s something that we want to be involved in. And this meets a couple of those, in fact it’s new and different, and that’s for sure. It’s going to be exciting.”
Jim Nimlos, Training Director, Minneapolis NJATC.

“You can be confident that any IBEW team can do this work, and do it well, and do it cost-effectively and do it professionally.”

Dave Sexton, Vice President of Sales, LVX System
“We’re coming out here with this medium, through the IBEW. So the next step is really to just let it unfold.”

How it will unfold is up to you. If you’re a building owner, city manager or general contractor, and you’re interested in visible light communication, contact LVX System at Or you can contact your local NECA-IBEW team and tell them you want to switch to this technology today. For part two of this technology, check back here in just a few weeks. We will show you the manufacturing and installation of this technology on a larger scale.