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In the first phase of the transformation of Boston’s City Hall Plaza, the Government Center Station’s reconstruction is under way. Government Center Station was due for a remodel, being the oldest transit station in the United States; the outdated, “bunker” style was anything but welcoming to visitors and tourists. The glass structure, now a focal point, is 30-feet wide, 40-feet high, and 140-feet long and will soon welcome visitors and tourists to this new hub for mass transit in Boston.

And at the center of this transformative project? IBEW Local 103 and NECA Contractor MassBay Electric.

The station is nearly 20-feet below ground and the NECA-IBEW team is busily replacing the 600-volt electrical system that is running through the old station, among other upgrades and improvements.

Both speed and precision are necessary on a project like this – as the T is still running to the current station, while the new one is being built. Complicated and challenging to be sure, so the city knew that they had to have the right teams for the installation and NECA and IBEW were the obvious choice for the electrical work.

The Boston Government Center Station will be set to reopen in Spring 2016.